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What to wear to the beach?

The question usually arises around spring time when panic suddenly sets in ....summer's coming!

(And it's just not the ladies who want to rock a smokin' hot body under the sun and surf. Even guys want to know how to get six-pack abs when summer rolls around!)

Nutritious ways to slim down for summer take a bit of work, but by starting a regimin of proper diet and exercise early you can usually get in trim for beach weather.

Too late to get in shape? There are lots of tricks for flattering your figure no matter what shape it happens to be in. Just follow these expert tips for matching your body to the bathing suit:

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Small on top: try a padded top, or a swimsuit style with frills and ruffles around the bust area to create the illusion of volume. Horizontal stripes also help make your top look fuller.

Big in the middle: Try colorful patterns and a cinched waist to give yourself a classic hourglass figure, An Empire waist works equally well in drawing attention to your bust and away from your belly.

Big in the back: Slim your booty by wearing "boy shorts" on the bottom and bikini top. Dark colors will also help create the illusion of slimmer hips. Avoid skirted suits, which draws the eye to your widest area.

Just up ahead, take a stroll through a virtual mall of bathing suits, swimsuits, bikinis and beachwear for men, women and kids available at online shops with tips, advice and info on buying the perfect swimsuit for your particular body shape and for looking your best at the beach...


More about buying swimwear online around the Web:

Type in 'swimwear' and see waves of designer styles come in at huge discounts at this fun place to shop for women's swimsuits, bikinis, one and two piece bathing suits, wraps, sarongs and beach robes.

Nordstrom Boutique Swimsuits & Cover-Ups - Clean and easy to navigate by category including one-piece, two-piece, coverups, tube and beach dresses, top/bottom separates and more in men's swimwear, and check out more in maternity and plus size swimwear, along with helpful consumer guides to choosing the right swimwear for your body type.

Just MySize Workout & Swimwear - Affordable plus sizes for one and two-piece swim suits along with pareos and coverups.

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