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How to cut your hair in layers

Thick hair is usually the envy of both men & women, but ask anyone born with it naturally and they'll tell you that it may be just as equally a curse as it is a blessing.

Should we have named this section "Unmanageable Hair"?

Those with thick and wiry, or thick and curly hair will say that the description more than fits the bill. Thick, & straight hair is notoriously resistant to perms and stubborn about holding a curl. Meanwhile, thick and wiry or curly hair needs frequent shampooing (and especially thorough rinsing) to maintain a healthy, shiny look.

Layered cuts, thinning shears and extra-strength hair gels maintain some control, but coloring thick hair remains a problem since it tends to swell hair strands that are in no need of it to begin with. For this reason, semi-permanent colors or light highlighting are usually recommended for those with thick hair.

On the Web, find expert advice on maintaining good washing & rinsing habits for the hair-challenged with tips on coloring, styling, blow drying and managing that often enviable, unmanageble luxurious & thick head of hair ....

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