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The terms that describe both "low density" and or "thin, fine" hair may become confused at times.

The subtle difference in terms is best compared to two forests : one forest has a stand of sparsely scattered trees throughout (low density). The other has a population of trees that, although slender (thin or fine), is densely populated.

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Either condition usually results in "limp" hair that lies flat on the head, along with suseptiblity to damage by too much processing or styling.

However, both can be made to look thicker and fuller with a few tricks - traditional teasing, with the use of thickening serums, volumizing shampoos and conditioners, or blow drying the hair while lifting outward from the head with a brush. A body wave or curly perm can also do wonders for adding volume or thickness to each strand of hair.

A special problem for those with low density hair may be "sunlight through the forest", for example, the scalp showing through the hair. Experts suggest that a quick fix for this problem may be a hair lightening treatment to help minimize the contrast between hair and scalp.

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