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Butt lifts
Buttock implants
Fast Facts

What is it? Insertion of soft-solid silicone implants to enhance or sculpt the buttocks.

Normal healing time: a week to 10 days for normal activity, and several weeks more before full physical activity can be resumed.

Average price in the US: $4,000 per procedure.

Inspired by the assets of stars such as J Lo and Shakira, women who have spent months on the gym trying to attain a more shapely bottom are now lining up in droves at the plastic surgeon's office.

At an average $4,000 + per bun, the procedure is not cheap, and many patients take out loans for the surgery and pay it back in mortgage-like installments.

Buttock implants pros and cons

The benefits of a butt lift reportedly range from looking good again in a bikini to overall enhanced self-esteem. However, candidates for the procedures should be aware beforehand of the possible buttock implant risks, which may include nerve damage from incision and insertion of the implants, post-surgery infection, and sometimes prolonged pain.

Buttock implant surgery lasts about two hours and is usually performed under general anesthesia. Because of the position of the implants, the recovery period is usually long and sometimes painful. Special challenges present themselves when sitting, driving a car, or even participating in general physical activity -- which experts say should be avoided for at least several weeks post-surgery..

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