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Why are reported cases of obesity and diabetes increasingly on the rise?

A major reason for these disturbing statistics was first reported over two years ago in a research study which finally provided details on the amount of "empty" calories Americans typically consume.

The study found that almost a third of calorie intake comes from foods such as soft drinks, junk food, candy, desserts, salty snacks and alcoholic beverages. These comfort foods are what comprises the typical diet in America, where obesity rates - not uncoincidentally - have reached epidemic proportions.

Lest the rest of the human race feel that the typical American diet is unique, stop and think about how many sweets, chips, fast food meals, beers and cocktails made up your calorie intake in the last month.

Those yummy fried foods and quick snacks that fill the spaces between meals, or in many cases replace healthy foods, are a big source of calories no matter where in the world your kitchen may be located.

Typical calories in common foods, drinks & snack foods

Apple (medium size) = 100 calories Bagel = 290 calories
Banana (medium size) = 100 calories Pizza (plain cheese) = 140 calories
Grapes (1 cup) = 115 calories Potato chips (1 oz.) = 155 calories
Whole milk (1 cup) = 100 calories Tortilla chips (1 oz.) 138 calories
Egg = 78 calories Cheetos (1.5 oz.) = 240 calories
Beer (12 oz.) =140 calories Peanut butter (1 tbsp.) = 100 calories
Wine (1 glass) = 100 calories Hershey's chocolate bar = 200 calories

As a guide to minimum calorie intake, dietary experts recommend that calorie levels never drop below 1200 calories per day for women or 1800 calories per day for men.

Of course, that all depends on how much body fat you already have stored in your body, as well as your normal activity level during the day. No matter what the newest 'miracle' diet may claim, physical exercise and watching what you eat are the two mainstays to shedding weight, and keeping it off.

More about food & calorie intake around the Web:

If you're on a diet, planning to go on a diet, or just curious about the calorie or fat content found in common foods - check out the resources below to learn more about the pounds you may be putting on as a result.

Here you'll find caloric or fat content for a variety of snack foods with related information on ethnic dishes, beer and alcohol, as well as popular fast foods that may taste great but, as the experts advise, sometimes provide little else but empty calories for the otherwise best-fed population on the planet......


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Food Calorie Content Charts - A complete guide to popular dishes by cuisine, including Italian, Mexican, Chinese, French, Indian, American and Mexican foods.

Calories in Indian Food - Extensive listing of common Indian foods listed in energy (eCal) values including cereals, condiments & spices, meat & poultry, fruits & vegetables, nuts, roots and tubers, fish, oils, butter, ghee and more.

How many calories in Chinese food? - Table listing calories, carbs, protein and typical fat content found in such popular dishes as egg rolls, Peking duck, beef, fish and pork main dishes, soups and more.

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