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happy kids posing for the cameraCaring for kids at every stage in their development is the most important commitment new parents face.

First, you worry : Are they getting enough to eat? Sitting up, talking or walking too late? Learning as they play?

Of course, all children are special and different. They develop at their own pace, especially during baby's first year, but reaching important milestones can help measure their progress every step of the way - as they grow, begin to walk, go through teething pain, talk, learn, and interact with others.

Next comes schooling with worries about late bloomers, learning disabilities, challenging the gifted, and nurturing curiosity or creativity in each child.

Along with the physical and intellectual growth, children need to learn emotional and social coping skills. Discipline imposed by parents needs to become self-discipline before children enter their early teen years - with all the challenges that may bring...

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