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As their minds are stimulated by the sights and sounds that surround them, children begin developing learning skills even from early infancy.

While physical development is aided by caring concern and good nutrition, cognitive ability follows from a baby's natural curiosity about the world and how to manipulate it to fulfill simple needs.

An infant learns that crying brings food, comfort and a clean diaper.

As motor skills develop baby learns to bring objects closer to explore the environment. Everything is tasted as a potential food source until the brain grasps the concept that eating is not the only enjoyable activity available.

Once that happens, baby begins to conquer the world. Enriching the space that your baby lives in helps to stimulate brain development. It's the smart parent who encourages early language skills and an optimum environment for learning, including age-appropriate toys for babies to stimulate motor skills and learning play.

Around the Web, discover more about helping your child get a head start at top sites that show you how to increase the capacity for early learning - along with tips on where to find fun interactive games online, homework help by subject for older kids, plus information on learning disabilities and the signals that tell you when to seek help ...

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