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With an amazing ability to grasp and hold objects from their earliest days, infants soon learn to sit up, crawl, walk and - in what seems like no time at all - are off and running in all directions.

Aside from developing balance and hand-eye coordination, babies and toddlers also begin, in varying degrees, developing fine motor skills such as drawing with crayons or modeling clay.

Later, they can move on to more practical skills, like buttoning clothes and learning to master a knife and fork.

Playing with your baby is an important part of a parent's job. Learning to count and recognize colors is good for the brain, but won't help with developing motor skills. Rolling and kicking a ball, climbing up and down in safe settings and other challenging physical activities are vital to learning. You can't write if you don't know how to manipulate a crayon or hit the keys on a computer keyboard.

Skills developed in early childhood in neighborhood playgroups or kids' gymnastics training give kids a head start in competitive games and organized sports. Later, school-age kids and teens are regularly provided opportunities in organized school programs for expending the huge amounts of energy at their command.

Probably more importantly, early habits instilled for fun and active play outdoors also helps in the battle against the growing childhood obesity epidemic.

Elsewhere on the Web, find expert tips and advice on developing gross and fine motor skills with lists of related milestones, safety tips and advice on baby-proofing your home, activities to share with your kids, and ways to seek help for developmental delays ....

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More about children's growth & physical development around the Web:

The Whole Child - By Leaps and Bounds: Physical Development
- Good checklist of recognized early milestones in development of all five senses and motor skills, including safety tips, do's and don'ts, parent forum, suggested reading.

Zero to Three - The Power of Play - Excellent guide to child physical development with tips on fun and engaging activities to share by age group, answers to specific questions posed by parents, related resources.

Movement, Coordination and Your 1- to 2-Year Old - Good overview of how parents can help toddlers find their way, including suggestions for play and exercise, tips on developing fine motor skills, and when to seek help for developmental delays.


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