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healthy kids eating applesHow to raise them happy and healthy is probably the most widely discussed topic among parents of newborns, kids or teens.

From the moment you bring them home from the maternity ward, infants begin raising concerns about their comfort level, overall health, and proper development.

Because kids don't come with maintenance manuals, new parents in particular are usually full of questions child rearing. Are they eating enough? Too much? Is that just crying or teething pain? Is it colic?

When will they be sleeping through the night? Why are they not talking yet? Is it too early to start potty training? And, finally when common kids' rashes or allergies begin to appear so does the rise of the inevitable question ...what the heck IS that?

Just up ahead, take the full online tour with facts, information and advice on raising healthy infants and kids at top sites covering all the major topics, along with more serious childhood diseases and conditions like ADD, asthma, childhood obesity, food allergies, toxic chemicals & environmental health concerns ...

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American Academy of Pediatrics
- From toilet training and Halloween safety tips to serious medical concerns, this site has it all.

KidsHealth - Pick the door you need to enter and get helpful tips, advice & information on a wide range of health issues geared specifically to younger kids, teens and their parents. - This US Office on Women's Health guide focuses on girls 10 - 16, covering fitness and health, with facts on smoking, alcohol and drug use, advice on relationships, news and updates of particular interest to tweens and and teens.

Healthy Child - This guide introduces a natural focus with feature articles and resources to help you raise a healthy child.

Environmental Health Resources - Kids Pages - Get them interested in their own health with a nice collection of games and activities, brain teasers and riddles, and more fun resources and related links just for kids.


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