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before and after photo showing a teeth whitening procedureTypes of cosmetic dental enhancements range from teeth whitening and bonding to procedures expensive and complex as full dental implants.

Teeth whitening is by far the simplest procedure, calling for a custom-fit plastic tray filled with whitening gel that fits over the patient's teeth. The treatment which takes a few hours a day over several weeks is the easiest method for achieving a complete smile makeover.

For chipped or broken teeth, several procedures - such as dental bonding, porcelain veneers or dental crowns - can make the surface of a worn or decayed teeth look as good as new.

Dental bonding merely calls for a white filling material that is applied to the surrounding tooth to restore its natural appearance, and when chipped or broken can be easily patched. For longer lasting tooth surfaces, more expensive porcelain veneers can be applied in much the same way.

For the most durable of repairs, dental crowns encase the entire tooth in a protective covering above the gum line, although the procedure usually entails trimming away most of the natural tooth to make way for the crown.

Dental implants are are top-of-the-line procedure that have the unique benefit of looking and feeling like your own teeth, literally screwed into or permanently attached in some other way to the jawbone.

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