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dentistryA bright smile and sweet-smelling breath may be two of the mainstays of Madison Avenue, but the fact remains that healthy teeth and gums can improve your overall well being.

There was a time when going to the dentist struck fear into the bravest of characters, but today improved techniques have lessened the degree of discomfort felt even in complicated dental procedures.

Recognizing the importance off good dental hygiene, communities worldwide began adding fluoride to the drinking water, a practice that is now recognized as one of the 20th century's greatest advances in public health.

In fact, research studies have recently pointed to gum disease and tooth decay as a possible trigger to other more serious conditions like diabetes and heart disease.

On the Web, sink your teeth into the latest advances in dentistry, braces and teeth straightening and cosmetic dentistry, plus how to's on coping with toothache pain, common phobias, and more on self-care, brushing, flossing, and otherwise maintaining good dental habits throughout a lifetime ...

More about dentistry and dental health around the Web:

Dental Wisdom
- Sit back and let several Flash movies explain complicated procedures plus check out informative animations, printable leaflets, and teaching tools adding up to a site that is really one of the very best. And check out an entire section devoted to bad breath...

Animated Teeth - Step into a virtual funhouse of facts and information on teeth and their care, with more on braces and cosmetic dentistry, plus kid-friendly quizzes and animations.

American Dental Association - The professional organization with a searchable database of dentists in the US and other useful tools and information.

American Academy of Periodontology - Types of Gum Disease - Healthy gums are important to maintaining a healthy body, and keeping your gums in good shape is not that difficult. Plenty of reasons to floss and what to do when problems do occur can be found here.

Dental Phobia & Anxiety - Fear keeps many away from the dentist's chair to the detriment of their health. This guide helps with understanding and coping with the experience.


This information is intended as reference and not as medical advice.
All treatment decisions should be made by medical professionals.


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