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a new diet, a new waistline!There are experts who promote a high protein / low carb diet.

Others call for cutting out sweets, fats, or have their adherents spending the day eating pineapple and cottage cheese, and drinking water by the glassful every hour on the hour.

Diet fads come and go, but "eat less and exercise more" seems to be the thread of wisdom that runs through most sensible weight loss plans. However, there's more to it than merely counting calories and brisk walks around the park.

A wakeup call as you begin your diet : whenever you buy prepared food, be shocked as you read the label and find out just how many grams of fat and sugar are actually in that stuff.

Diets that work are the ones we subscribe to - wherein dieters think about their eating habits or simply what they like or what serves as comfort food throughout the day. Only then can a successful diet regimen be formulated.

In other words — exercise, eat less, eat healthier — but ease the separation anxiety by indulging in ice cream, chocolate, or even bacon cheeseburgers every once in a while.

Exercise helps, too, but that doesn't mean you have to enter a marathon.

Discovering the balance between feeling good and eating sensibly means you've found the weight loss program that works for YOU.

A note from a reader : "You might want to also make mention that getting a balance of nutrients is important when dieting to lose weight. It is still very common for people to look for "fat burning food" (even though there is technically no such thing), looking for a quick fix - or a food or food type that they can eat to quickly lose weight.

"It's also important to stress that long term weight loss should involve lifestyle change, not a short term diet and exercise regime. The further away the diet is from their "normal" eating habits, the harder it will be for them to keep the weight off, once they've lost it."

Both good points - thanks Jenny...

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Bodybuildingfor - We like this site because it includes all the bodybuilding supplements and diet info without the heavy sales focus. There is solid common sense info about supplements along with plenty of reviews. Exercise, reviews, regimens and diets for body building routines are well covered.

This information is intended as reference and not as medical advice.
All treatment decisions should be made by medical professionals.

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