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ADHD information & treatment


ADHD Symptoms

ADHD Treatment


Since ADHD is a behavioral problem that is typically difficult to diagnosis, symptoms can range from mild to clearly observable depending on which type of ADHD the patient exhibits.

ADHD in children may be first observed at home in the form of unruly behavior or in school - where inattentiveness in the classroom or aggressive behavior on the playground - is first noted by teachers and school administrators.

A proper diagnosis will usually take into account all of the above, along with the patient's age and emotional maturity, their behavior in social situations and, perhaps most importantly, whether or not symptoms are exhibited consistently over a period of time (usually six months or more.)

Adults diagnosed with ADHD usually suffer from the same constant inability to concentrate, and symptoms often manifest in problems related to prioritizing everyday activities, multi-tasking, money management, forgetfulness, or emotional outbursts that are difficult to control.

Adding to the ADHD controversy, however, is the observation that some adult patients may also exhibit a classic ability to conversely "zone out" and become hyper-focused for hours on a particular task, the same ADHD-like behaviors which resulted in the highly accomplished work of a Da Vinci, Einstein or Thomas Edison.

More about ADHD symptoms around the Web:

Find out more online about the classic signs & symptoms of ADHD in both children in adults, with expert sites on the subject featuring information on officially recognized diagnosis criteria, symptom comparisons, helpful checklists & FAQs ...

Symptoms & Diagnosis of ADHD
- Is It ADHD? Criteria for diagnosing ADHD formulated by the American Psychiatric Association with lists describing symptoms of inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity.

Adult ADD / ADHD Signs, Symptoms, Effects, and Treatment - A good, general description of signs and symptoms of adult ADD / ADHD, including comparisons to childhood ADD, symptoms specific to women, money management problems, and current methods of managing adult ADHD with related references and resources.


This information is intended as reference and not as medical advice.
All treatment decisions should be made by medical professionals.


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