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group therapy sessionTime was when AA and the 12 Step Program, plus other related support groups were limited only to local neighborhoods, where meetings were regularly set up in church basements or community centers.

Now additional cyber support for alcoholics and their families can be easily found with a click -- at online forums and message boards, mailing lists and live chat specifically geared to alcoholics in recovery, families of alcoholics, teens and adult children of alcoholics.

While the 12 Step and other programs have been around for years, controversy surrounding them continues over issues such as depending on a higher power to solve the problem, or substituting one's addiction to alcohol for dependency on AA. Some recovering alcoholics attend one meeting and decide it is not right for them, while others may find it just the right type of support they need.

Alcoholism treatment options overview

In addition to the 12 Steps there are alcoholism forums, alcoholic self-help programs, alcohol treatment rehab centers, inpatient detox and outpatient hospital programs. When all is said and done the very important decision to finally seek help comes down to one question: what type of support is right for YOU?

Detox - This treatment usually includes a hospital stay lasting anywhere from 7-10 days, including complete abstinence from alchohol, combined with drug or B-vitamin therapy to combat severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

Inpatient treatment - Usually lasting a month or more at a rehab center, inpatient treatment may involve detox, if necessary, followed by full-time counseling such as indivdiual cognitive and behavioral therapy as well as group counseling sessions, and weekend family programs.

Outpatient treatment- Several hours a day of individual counseling is provided for moderate alcoholics including support in an AA-like group setting.

AA 12-Step Program - In a group setting, attendees are encouraged to admit to their alcoholism, and to relate stories about their problem drinking. Mutual support, and stories of recovery from other group members, is also highly encouraged.

Self-help -
This option is similar to stop smoking self-help including keeping a diary of your habit, building a support network, and setting a date for quitting. Additional focus is put on the positive aspects of abstinence (tremendous cost savings, no more hangovers, etc.)

Elsewhere on the Web, also check out a world of links and resources featuring contact info for traditional meetings and support locations worldwide, information on various treatment options plus more on related associations and organizations ...

More about support for alcoholics around the Web:

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