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anthrax sporesAnthrax has become a disease well known in industrialized urban communities ever since terrorists began producing the germ in their laboratories.

However, to many rural areas and third world countries the threat of naturally occurring anthrax was never a stranger.

The anthrax germ, Bacillus anthracis, is usually spread from infected animals to humans, and attacks the system in one of three ways: through cuts in the skin, ingested in tainted food, or inhaled through the lungs.

Initial symptoms are similar to the common cold, and may include chills, fever and muscle aches. If treated early enough with antibiotics the prognosis is good for a complete recovery. However, if left untreated, anthrax is almost always fatal.

Around the Web, found out more about the disease that is spread through both natural causes and as a nefarious warfare agent ...

More about anthrax around the Web:

AVIP Anthrax Vaccine Immunization Program - Great site design and media presentation with the military as its focus centers on anthrax as a biological warfare terror agent. The pictures of the troops are on topic, if you disregard the fact that large sections of the world often deal with anthrax in non-military settings. The facts are well presented including good resources for more information.

How Anthrax Works - Get detailed information on causes, risks and prevention, signs and symptoms, with illustrations and related resources, from

This information is intended as reference and not as medical advice.
All treatment decisions should be made by medical professionals.

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