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breast self exam illustration
How to Do a
Breast Self Exam

To help in the fight against breast cancer, one picture is worth a thousand words.

Most medical experts agree that making informed decisions is the most important steps patients can take should they ever be diagnosed with the disease.

Tests, treatments and operations are somehow a lot easier to deal with if you can picture what lies ahead.

Photos and illustrations also help clearly explain the importance of prevention with step-by-step instructions for breast self examination, how to recognize early symptoms, or what a clinical exam at the doctor's office may entail.

Be warned that some of these pictures are not pretty. Breast cancer, especially in the later stages, can be a horrible disease and some of the pictures reflect that.

Delve deeper for images of mastectomy and other surgical procedures, chemotherapy or radiation treatments and their after-effects, with more on the benefits of breast reconstruction.

In addition, you'll also discover in words and pictures personal stories about how survivors & their families have successfully coped with breast cancer ...

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More breast cancer pictures around the Web:


Pictures of Breast Cancer - Galleries of images illustrating breast cancer types, disease diagnoses & treatments, breast anatomy, breast reconstruction, and self exam how to's.

NCI Visuals Online - National Cancer Institute's library of breast cancer images including photos of mammography exams, inflammatory breast cancer, illustrations of surgery & mastectomy procedures, microscopic views of metastatic cell growth.

Inflammatory Breast Cancer Pictures - Images of signs & symptoms including an inverted nipple, peau d'orange (orange-peel texture), photos showing the effects of modified radical mastectomy surgeries & radiation, with illustrations of healthy breast anatomy.

Mammography - Extensive illustrated fact sheet explaining breast cancer screening with pictures of a mammography unit, how the procedure is performed, related risks & benefits, with a gallery of normal breast cancer imaging photos.


This information is intended as reference and not as medical advice.
All treatment decisions should be made by medical professionals.

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