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Are you becoming an alcoholic?The GOOD STUFF About College Drinking:

Social drinking among college students (and freshman in particular) allows them several adantages over their non-imbibing peers. For example:

1.) It's a great way to network and meet members of the opposite sex
2.) Gets you in on juicy campus rumors and gossip
3.) Enables hard-working students to just take a load off following a hard week hunched over a laptop.

The REALLY BAD STUFF About College Drinking:

1.) It can get out of hand after only a few drinks, when caution gets thrown to the wind along with possibly tables and bar stools during a late night bar brawl...
2.) ...not to mention mayhem in other forms. Drunk driving puts a permanent end to more 18-25 year-olds than any other drug combined.
3.) And while those jello shots go down easy, they can also lead to a bout of all-night hurling.
5.) Gob-smacked drunk can be fun, you might have to sober up fast when one of your drinking buddies becomes unconscious and has to be taken to the emergency room to get his stomach pumped.

OK, college drinking happens.

Got a drinking problem? Find out how drinking can be done in moderation, what your need to know about drinking and its dangers, and how seriously getting your buzz on can effect your health now and later on down the road...

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