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Stress, depression, boredom, peer pressure, or just the classic stages of teen rebellion play a big part in teenage alcohol abuse.

Due to the ready availability of alcohol, it remains the drug of choice among teenagers.

The highest rates of underage binge drinking occur in rural areas, where teens outside the big cities may turn to alcohol as a main source of recreation and entertainment. Urban teens are more apt to succumb to peer pressure in an attempt to increase their neighborhood "cool" quotient with a mixed use of drugs and alcohol.

By the time they reach college drinking age, teens face yet another round of proving themselves in all-night jello shot contests or in bouts of binge drinking.

82.8 percent of adults who drink today admit to having their first drink of alcohol before age 21. However, the problem for teenagers, their teachers, and parents becomes clearer when the more shocking statistic is brought to light: that the three leading causes of fatalities among teenagers —, suicides, homicides and drunk driving— are all strongly connected to alcohol consumption and binge drinking..

If you or someone you know find drinking to be a problem, there is plenty of help available online, where you can stop by a friendly forum or chat to talk with parents or teens about beating the alcohol blues, find related facts, stats and research, or get expert advice and tips on avoiding the very real dangers of teen alcohol abuse...

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