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too much to drinkA good stiff drink may look pretty appealing to an increasing number of women who work outside the home, and who are under increased pressure from alcohol advertising campaigns specifically targeting women - or who may be driven to drink just from the day-to-day burden of juggling career and family.

Be aware, however, there are special health issues that women face when it comes to drinking alcohol, especially when they cross the line into alcoholism or alcohol abuse.

With 10% more fat in their bodies than men's, and with less water in their bodies to dilute the alcohol, women have been shown to be more sensitive to alcohol. This means that the eventual onset of physical symptoms such as liver damage from alcohol comes sooner for women than for men. In addition, due to hormonal changes, pregnancy, and menopause, their response to alcohol can be unpredictable. A single drink that gives a slight buzz one may result in total inebriation the next.

Although men increasingly help shoulder child-rearing duties in the modern family, most of the work continues to fall to women, beginning with the responsibility for the detrimental part that alcohol plays in fetal development.

Find out more about the special issues women face when it comes to alcohol at Web sites offering the latest news and research, plus facts on alcohol's related physical and psychological effects, or where to get help for yourself or someone you love...

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Fetal Alcohol Syndrome at NOFAS - Non-profit advocacy group offering tips, advice, facts and information on the use of alcohol during pregnancy and its correlation to increased risk of mental retardation and birth defects.


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