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health educationAs epidemics of childhood obesity, diabetes, and other preventable health conditions threaten to effect an entire generation, teaching kids proper nutrition, the benefits of exercise, and other healthy habits are more important than ever.

On the front lines of teaching kids and teens are concerned parents and teachers who can guide the young toward wellness and maintaining good health throughout a lifetime.

Ultimately, it is the adults in their lives that kids trust for reliable information on grown-up health topics that usually begin with... "where do babies come from?".

Add to that sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis and HIV AIDS, and educating them about drug and alcohol addiction -- in ways they can understand -- then health education's value becomes immeasurable.

Just up ahead, these resources will give you tools and ideas for home or classroom instruction, or merely as a resource for learning more (and teaching more) about how to keep kids fit and healthy now, and in the years to come ...

More about teaching kids about health around the Web:

Talking to Kids About Health - PBS parent resource with great tips on starting discussions with kids about doctors' visits, proper hygiene, and related guides that address the needs of school age children, preteens and teens.

KidsHealth - Fun, colorful, and educational resource covering the gamut -- from physical, mental and emotional well-being to kid-friendly explanations on health and safety, good eating habits, growing up, plus a glossary of medical terms, interactive games.

Health Lesson Plans - Here's a great collection from ranging from kindergarten through high school including lesson plans on alcohol abuse, viral infections, hygiene, safety, and lots more.

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