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eye examinationGood eyesight is often taken for granted until problems arise. Children notice that they can't see the blackboard or have trouble reading books because the print is blurred; adults often notice that they need glasses when the road signs get harder to read...

Once you turn 40, small print only comes into focus when you move it away .... and soon your arms won't reach far enough to correct the problem.

These are all common and easily correctable changes in normal vision and occur in healthy eyes. A regular annual visit to an eye care specialist can identify the problem and a prescription from your eye doctor for contact lenses or bifocal glasses will usually take care of it.

While most people find prescription glasses or contact lenses to be a good solution to poor vision, there are now surgeries that are used to correct lazy eye, crossed eyes, wandering eyes, eye turns, double vision, strabismus, esotropia (a turning of one or both eyes) or exotropia and other vision problems.


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More serious eye problems like cataracts, detached retinas and glaucoma can result in loss of vision if they are not diagnosed and treated. There are the problems caused by allergies and overwork that affect eyes and cause irritation that can affect vision. Some diseases, such as conjunctivitis,target the tissue around the eyes and is most common in young children.

The good news is that most eye diseases are curable. Even age-related macular degeneration is now treatable with experimental drugs that either cure or lesson the effects of the disease which, not too long ago, might have eventually led to total blindness.

At any age, your eyes can benefit from a good diet that includes anti-inflammatory agents such as Omega 3's (commonly found in oily fish and cooking oils), as well as lutein for preventing macular degeneration (found in spinach, kale, broccoli, corn and peas) and antioxidants such as Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

Also -- don't forget what mom probably told you! - Vitamin A found in carrots or sweet potatoes can help protect the surface of the eye, mucous membranes and skin, and act as a barrier against the risk of infection.

More about eye care and related diseases around the Web:

The Optometrists Network
- Started in 1996 when its flagship web site went online, this vision centered site has a great referral service, plenty of good information and the vision3D section provides first class eye exercises to strengthen vision. The children's eye care section is also an excellent resource...

All About Vision - You'll find plenty of up to date information on eye conditions, eye anatomy, surgical procedures and specialties, a doctor locator and news section. Links to the most common conditions - Blepharitis, Cataracts and Myopia are highlighted but just about any condition from A to Z is covered. Articles on the latest treatments for adult and childhood vision problems are clear and easy to understand.

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This information is intended as reference and not as medical advice.
All treatment decisions should be made by medical professionals.


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