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fitness & exercise guidesThe benefits of keeping your body fit are similar to keeping your car well maintained... it runs better and stays in good working order longer. The difference is if you neglect it, you can always get a new car.

Today's sedentary lifestyle spent in front of a computer (or for kids, the TV, or both!) means an increasing rise in obesity and diabetes. The cure? You guessed it.

A brisk walk a day can keep the doctor away.

Since the body was meant to move, keeping active can be the natural cure for serious diseases, improving your sex life, or just elevating your daily moods -- as oxygen intake is increased giving your heart, lungs, and other organs the nutrients they need to run at top efficiency.

So — put down that coffee and donut, step slowly away from the kitchen table (or the laptop), and just get moving.

Find out how to do it right at some of the best online resources for facts & information on aerobics, running & jogging, biking, yoga, high impact sports, or low-impact exercises, along with related nutrition how to's for keeping your body firm and fit ...


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Running Planet
- The online joggers' Bible with complete tips for newbies, how to train, stretch and go the distance with core exercises, nutrition guides and marathon training advice.

Aerobic Exercise - Great tips & advice from Georgia University detailing aerobic exercise principles, types of exercise including low impact, high impact and step aerobics, a how-to guide to getting started, with related links and resources.

Health, Fitness and Nutrition with Dr. Gabe Mirkin - The radio talk show host online with a huge library of articles and audio clips on everything from runner's knee to tennis elbow, along with a great cache of nutrition advice for the physically active and sports-minded.

Bella Online Exercise Help & Information - A major women's resource center with articles covering motivation, benefits and how-to exercises, with related links that are helpful and plentiful. This is a site for those who want to be fit, but feel no need to be 'sculpted.'

Body Building For You - This site is into supplements, so if you are not - skip it, and head straight to the FAQs or to the exercises geared to keep you fit.


This information is intended as reference and not as medical advice.
All treatment decisions should be made by medical professionals.

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