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Most doctors will admit that there is no known cure for the common hangover. Time and patience is all it takes for your liver to filter out all those nasty alcohol byproducts from your system after a wild night on the town.

Of course, that hasn't stopped party-goers from swearing by remedies for hangover symptoms. including nausea, headaches, and that grating sensitivity to loud noises in the morning.

Besides water and aspirin, (along with mild exercise, say some experts), classic cures include the traditional "hair of the dog" cure for a hangover that may include another shot of alcohol in the morning to dull the pain and calm your nerves.

Some experienced drinkers also swear by -- surprise! -- swigging a bottle of pedialyte (or reverting back to mom's cure for kids' dehydration) as the elixir helps to restore all those electrolytes lost by imbibing too much alcohol.

And then there's simply using common sense and avoiding hangovers altogether by drinking in moderation, eating properly, and staying hydrated as you party the night away.

Around the Web, check out favorite wives tales, hair-of-the-dog cures, and other remedies that might help avoid a hangover the night before, and bring relief the morning after ...

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