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Joint pain is a condition that can be caused by any number of different physical injuries, illnesses, or infections.

Some joints, such as the shoulders elbow, hip, or the knees, are particularly susceptible to injury from sports or activities. One of the more common causes of joint pain, however, is not a physical injury but rather an illness, which is arthritis.

Treating joint pain

If joint pain has been caused by some obvious physical injury, such as a bad fall, then the solution is typically to immobilize and stabilize the joint as much as possible, ice to reduce swelling and pain, and plenty of rest to help the joint to heal.

For chronic joint pain, suggested natural remedies for pain and swelling include sulfur or MSM and glucosamine or copper supplements, as well as proper amounts of vitamin C & vitamin D to help keep joints strong and injury free.

Of course if the injury is severe enough, a doctor should be consulted to make sure there isn't any serious damage done as some joints can suffer physical trauma that might well be chronic and debilitating

However, if the joint pain has no immediately obvious cause it may be the result of an infection or an illness. There are many, many different infections and illnesses which list joint pain as a symptom - ranging from gout and arthritis to lupus or Lyme disease - so the best way to get a proper diagnosis is to consult a doctor, who can put the various symptoms together and can conduct the proper tests needed to form an accurate diagnosis.

In many cases, especially in people over 55, arthritis is a common diagnosis of joint pain as it is the most widespread form of disability in this age group.

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