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lip augmentation guide
Lip augmentation
Fast Facts

What is it? A fairly simple procedure in which collagen or other material is injected into the lips to give them a fuller appearance.

Normal healing time: A few days for initial recovery, followed by several weeks for swelling to ease completely.

Average price in the US: $300 - $800 per procedure.

Thinking of having your lips done?

Fuller and more pouty lips is the craze that first swept Hollywood several years ago. Today, the search for the perfect set of lips continues as actresses and models (except, perhaps, for the naturally gifted Angelina Jolie) continue to vie in the "most alluring mouth" competition.

Known as lip augmentation among clinicians, the procedure is popular among both young and old, and has become a common supplement to the full facelift that in the past included the neck, eyes, and forehead.

The usually hour-long outpatient procedure is a simple one that entails insertion of a natural or synthetic implant (collagen, or your own body fat) to give lips a plump, seductive pout.

Possible risks include infection, while temporary side effects are sore, tender lips for a few days following the procedure.

Ice packs to the lips are prescribed in the first 24 hours, and recovery may take anywhere from a few weeks to a month for the swelling to ease completely.

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