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Neck painThe neck has a marvelous range of motion, allowing a quick glimpse of everything around you to the right, left, and up and down - as well as limber athletic ability to roll and somersault.

The delicate design of the neck - with its many bones, joints, muscles and nerve endings - may become a real "pain in the neck" whenever the area is bruised or injured.

Neck pain can arise through poor posture, overexertion or injury while at play or at work.

More typical and less life-threatening causes may include the joint ache and stiffness caused by arthritis, or herniation of a neck disk bone caused by general wear and tear.

At work especially, hunching over a computer or workspace all day can lead to symptoms of minor but prolonged neck pain. On the road, a common neck injury is caused by the violent jerking "whiplash" injury to soft tendons in the neck following a rear-end car collision.

Note: if extreme neck pain and stiffness is accompanied by headache and fever, seek a doctors advice immediately. These symptoms may be a sign of meningitis, a possibly life-threatening infection of the membrane surrounding the brain.

Easing neck pain

If suspect the pain is caused by muscle strain, first apply a cold compress to reduce swelling, followed by a warm compress to increase blood flow to the area. Like any muscle pull, a strained neck muscle may be treated with mild pain relievers. Muscle relaxants mat be prescribed for extreme pain or if muscle spasms occur in the area.

If stress is the cause of your neck pain, try deep breathing exercises, and be sure to get enough rest to help combat the very real physical effects of emotional tension. A gentle message will also help. Have your partner gently apply pressure to the affected area as well as to the shoulders to aid in relaxation of neck muscles.

If neck pain is severe, or even if mild neck pain persists, see a doctor immediately.

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This information is intended as reference and not as medical advice.
All treatment decisions should be made by medical professionals.

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