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Life can be a pain.

On the flip side, pain provides us with an early warning system that usually keeps us from even more harm.

Even toddlers come to realize early that -- if they don't want to get burned -- then they should probably keep away from hot stoves or steer clear of electrical sockets. Later, the searing pain of a hangover lets us know that we might have enjoyed that party a bit too much.

Eventually we recognize that everyday pain like toothaches, joints that swell or nerves that pinch are the body's way of telling us that something is wrong. What to do? For minor pain there is aspirin or other over the counter pain relievers; herbs, yoga, and alternative pain treatment; or prescription drugs for more serious conditions or chronic pain.

Around the Web, ease into expert advice, the latest research, and updates at online guides to chronic pain, plus more on everyday strains, sprains, aches and pains — and what you can do about them — with guides & information on specific causes and treatment starting here:

  Alternative treatment Lupus Leg pain
  Arthritis Gallbladder disease Migraines
  Back pain Gout Muscle pain
  Burns Hangovers Neck pain
  Carpal tunnel Headache Pinched nerve
  Chest pain Heartburn Sciatica
  Crohns disease IBS Shoulder pain
  Diverticulitis Joint pain Sore throat
  Earaches Kidney stones Teething pain
  Foot pain Knee pain Toothaches

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All treatment decisions should be made by medical professionals.


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