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pregnant woman in an online discussionOnline, expectant moms are talkiing about subjects that matter to them the most.

They're also asking questions, giving each other tips and advice, and inviting their moms, grandmothers and aunts into the conversation.

It's a virtual town square of information out there - about pregnancy, nursery room themes, motherhood, fatherhood, morning sickness, relationship and emotional concerns, pregnancy over age 35, or any other topic related to pregnancy and childbirth.

Give advice or get answers - or just take the opportunity to vent - at some of the most active online communities for facts and support at hundreds of different pregnancy boards and chats worldwide ...

BabyCenter Pregnancy Boards - Check out the mother of all pregnancy communities with a vast directory of posts by topic, featuring dos and don'ts, facts on fetal development, labor and childbirth, miscarriages, advice for new dads and grandparents, family finances, baby names, nutrition and lots more...

Pregnancy Community Forum - Discover busy boards and Q&A on complications, discomforts, pregnancy tests, help for new dads, labor questions, back to work issues, twins and multiple births, teen pregnancy, breastfeeding and related posts. Forums - Find moderated discussions focusing on natural childbirth but with lots of general interest topics including infertility, family planning, birth stories, home and assisted births, doulas and midwives.

Parenting Club - Parenting, Baby and Pregnancy Message Boards - Here's a huge array of topics and subtopics ranging from coupon swaps and freebies to breastfeeding, diet and nutrition, plus check out discussion "clubs" for hooking up with other moms-to-be in their first, second and third trimesters.

BabyCentre - This busy UK community offers free newsletters, related feature articles and forums searchable from a drop down menu including discussions on coping with miscarriage, pregnancy diet and nutrition, caesarian birth, preparing for labour, boards just for dads and more.


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