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happy childbirthIt can be one of the most challenging but also one of the most joyful times in any woman's life.

For first time moms, it can also be scary and intimidating — so getting 'been-there-done-that' advice from other women and pregnancy experts can be the best move you can make before labor happens.

Get smart and in shape, with a college education in childbirth and labor from top resources around the Web offering information on true labor pains, false labor, delivery procedures, episiotomies, pain management, postpartum depression, and what else to may be in store for the young mom to be...

...along with more tips and tricks specifically geared to new dads and expectant fathers...

More about labor & childbirth around the Web:

women's - Labor & Birth - Excellent, hyperlinked overview with discussions on recognizing the onset of labor, birthing options and pain management, glossary of terms, and related links.

MedlinePlus: Childbirth - One-stop browsing for news, updates and links to labor symptoms, pain treatments, specific conditions including breech birth, related glossaries and dictionaries.

PENN Pregnancy Health Center: Labor & Delivery - Clear overview on false labor, true labor symptoms, the three stage of labor, typical delivery procedures, including Shockwave animations detailing cervical changes during labor.

Childbirth Connection - Concise, consumer-based info on making wise decisions in choosing health care providers, hospitals, labor support, midwives or doulas, including facts and info on caesarian birth.

Labor and childbirth information for new dads:

New Dads: Pregnancy & Birth
- First-rate resource from the BabyCenter for expectant fathers including a new father IQ quiz, dozens of related feature articles on labor coaching, paternity leave, life/work balance and more, plus related bulletin board and links to additional information.

Daddy Types, the weblog for new dads - New York-based blogger with frequently funny, often enlightening news and info for new and expectant dads.

Brand New Dad - Check out a social network and resource for expectant fathers and new dads with feature articles on everything from money management to diaper changing, plus related resources and online forums.

This information is intended as reference and not as medical advice.
All treatment decisions should be made by medical professionals.

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