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When first-time moms-to-be are told of possible risks and complications of pregnancy, their first reaction might be..."what was I thinking?"

But not all women are prone to disease or high risk pregnancy and, if so, a discussion with your obstetrician can reveal a host of preventatives, diagnoses or treatments available for many of them.

A proper diet with supplements such as folic acid to ward off possible birth defects, and iron to avoid anemia, remain just some of the more simple ways to maintain robust health for you and your unborn child throughout pregnancy.

Find out more about high risk pregnancy and complications sometimes associated with pregnancy including simple back pain and sciatic nerve damage, German measles, asthma, pre-existing or gestational diabetes, heart disease and preeclampsia, and related infections ...

More about pregnancy risks & complications around the Web:

MedlinePlus: Health Problems in Pregnancy
- Top-notch directory page for a broad range of breaking news and links on diseases, risk factors, pregnancy-related preexisting or developing health conditions, symptoms, diagnosis, research and statistics.

The Merck Manual - Risk Factors Present Before Pregnancy - Facts on pregnancy and heart disease, anemia, kidney disease, seizure disorders, diabetes, asthma and other conditions, with an overview of risk factors pertaining to physical characteristics, socioeconomic conditions or problems with a previous pregnancy.

Pregnancy complications by disease or condition


UpToDate Patient Information: Pregnancy and Asthma

Asthma in Pregnancy - eMedicine Health

Diabetes (Pre-Existing & Gestational)

MedlinePlus: Diabetes and Pregnancy

Gestational Diabetes - Family

High Blood Pressure, Preeclampsia

MedlinePlus: High Blood Pressure in Pregnancy

Pregnancy-induced hypertension


MedlinePlus: Infections and Pregnancy

Vaccinations in Pregnancy

This information is intended as reference and not as medical advice.
All treatment decisions should be made by medical professionals.


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