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The decision to work with a midwife during your pregnancy may depend on your geographic location, culture or experience, which seems to be the best teacher for many.

Those who favor natural childbirth often will form a close relationship with a professionally trained midwife - as opposed to a ob-gyn associated with a "cold and clinical" and sometimes impersonal medical center.

Today, the profession consists of two types of midwives. These include the traditional lay midwife and the certified nurse midwife (CNM) who is usually armed with an RN degree and qualification to practice in hospitals.

In best case scenarios, both types of midwives will incorporate a more holistic approach to pregnancy and birthing, and work closely with expectant mothers so that there are few surprises before, during, or after labor & childbirth.

Around the Web, find out more about midwives and doulas (labor coaches) and what services they offer, along with related information on how to experience a more personal approach to childbirth...

More about midwives and midwifery around the Web:

Ob-Gyn or Midwife: Which One is Right for You?
- Good discussion weighing the pros and cons, with facts and related links to additional info on childbirth centers, giving birth at home, plus visitor comments and related discussion board.

Midwives - Great overview of what they do, questions to ask a midwife, necessary precautions, resources for finding a midife and related story articles.

Citizens for Midwifery - Non-profit organization for the promotion of midwifery offering information, story articles and factsheets.

Canadian Association of Midwives - Check out this portal to finding a midwife by Canadian province or territory with related resources, photos and video presentations.

Independent Midwives UK - Find information on midwifery services throughout the UK along with related resources, photos, FAQ,

DONA International - What is a doula? - Good overview of services provided by certified doulas with information about how to hire a doula, related FAQ, and an interactive database for finding a doula in the US, Canada, and worldwide.

This information is intended as reference and not as medical advice.
All treatment decisions should be made by medical professionals.


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