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Why the increased popularity in natural childbirth?

For many moms-to-be, it means more control over the events of labor without the adverse effects of painkillers. Women in increasing numbers are also considering natural childbirth as a more favorable option over sometimes run-of-the-mill labor rooms in modern medical centers.

In turn, the medical establishment is recognizing the increased demand for a more personal approach to pregnancy and labor.

Hospitals in the US and worldwide now offer the services of certified RNs who have been trained in the practices of traditional midwives and doulas who have for centuries given women the emotional and psychological support necessary at this crucial time in their lives.

Meanwhile, husbands are also increasingly invited to play a larger part in the natural labor process.

Around the Web, learn more about natural childbirth techniques at top sites explaining the pros and cons, facts and information, feature articles, and the latest news about techniques and practices in natural childbirth...

More about natural childbirth around the Web:

Natural Childbirth
- Here's a good overview from touching on the mental and physical preparation necessary, who makes a good candidate, plus visitor comments and related forum.

Lamaze International - Here's the official site for one of the most preferred methods of natural childbirth, including information, advice, tips and factsheets, related forums.

The Bradley Method - The American-based organization features their 12-week course for expectant parents and how to find an area instructor, FAQ, recommended reading, pregnancy diet, and a discussion on husband-coached childbirth.

HypnoBirthing - The technique using a form of hypnosis as a pain management tool, coupled with counseling and advice for drug-free labor including information on how it works, where to find a center in the U.S., related birthing stories, online forum, and related resources.


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