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nurseryWhile it may be the most fun part of being pregnant, the nursery can result in a whole new round of decision making.

Soft, playful themes and color schemes are important for newborns and babies to feel safe and welcomed into their new world.

However, the experts agree that safety should be your foremost goal when designing the new nursery. New moms especially might forget that practical considerations — like keeping chokables or window blind cords away from the crib — are top priorities when laying out the grand design.

Other important baby room safety tips to consider include:

  • Choosing a crib of sturdy construction. Slats must be 2 3/8 inches (60 mm) apart or less.

  • Installing outlet covers to prevent shock or electrocution as baby begins to explore its new room.

  • Securing bookshelves or changing tables to the wall with brackets or screws to prevent tipping.

  • Opting for flame-retardant fabrics and sleepwear. Also be sure to have a smoke detector and carbon monoxide alarm installed just outside the room

Then there are budget concerns (have your priced baby furniture lately??) along with baby clothes storage, space considerations ...and timing!

Find out how other mothers are coping - with first-hand accounts, do-it-yourself tips and tricks as well as expert advice on painting, decorating, setting up and budgeting for your brand new nursery...

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Kids Bedrooms & Nursery Projects
- Check out the mother lode of themes from HGTV for baby & toddler room decorating - including nautical, trains, gender-neutral, "artsy", vintage, country and lots more including craft instructions and tips on mobiles, wall hangings, rugs and window treatments.


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