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Ultrasound or sonogram images (much like sonar devices that enable submarines to "see" underwater) were developed in the late 1950's as the ultimate in hi-tech.

For the first time, doctors were able to diagnose potential problems using non-invasive radio waves that were safely beamed to a chosen target inside the body.

To say that sonograms revolutionized prenatal care might have been an understatement - as doctors were suddenly able to view a healthy growing fetus and provide an early diagnose of a known complication.

Today, the use of real-time scanners and 3D technology have taken ultrasound to an entirely new level, allowing expectant parents their first "movies" of an unborn child. More importantly, it gives doctors a clearer picture of normal fetal age, size and growth.

sonograms of fetal development

Sonograms help monitor progress and create a timeline for growth stages,
determining sex around the 5th month. Above, two sonograms showing
the fetus at 8 weeks and, at right, 27 weeks.

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