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Fifth disease rash
Typical rash caused
by fifth disease

Lyme disease bulls eye rash
Lyme disease

Bulls-eye rash

Purpura or petechia rash
Blood "blisters"
caused by purpura

What IS that??

It's the parent's universal reaction whenever a child develops a very visible and very bright red rash.

Kids can and commonly do develop all sorts of rashes, with typical causes ranging from poison ivy, insect bites, diaper rash, fungal infections (such as ringworm) to more now rare cases of German measles.

Even the most commonly used and trusted items can cause rashes. Many lotions that are meant to soothe rashes contain lanolin — which can irritate the skin of babies who are sensitive to this oily ingredient and cause the rash to get worse.

In a well publicized case, Carter's, a very respected children's clothing manufacturer, ran into a problem with their fall 2007 catalog. There were reports that babies with very sensitive skin were having allergic reactions to the heat-transferred, or tag-less, labels used in the baby clothing.

"It appears that a very small percentage of children can be allergic to one or more ingredients in the labels. The solid, rather than stenciled, background on the fall 2007 labels appears to have produced a more pronounced and noticeable reaction among those children who are most allergic to the ink," the company's announcement said.

Thankfully, a majority of rashes that appear in infants and young children are non-life threatening and usually go away by themselves or with the aid of medications. Creams and lotions may also be prescribed to help soothe an accompanying painful burn or itch.

It's important that all parents recognize more serious rashes or lesions such as those seen in the Lyme disease bullseye rash, the characteristic butterfly rash of lupus, the blotchy red petechia or purpura rash (caused by bleeding under the skin), or a similar condition related to meningitis which appears as red blotches in that disease's later stages.

Find out more about the most common kids' rashes in our Web guide to the topic offering identifying pictures, typical symptoms, and expert advice on treating those often scary but mostly annoying bumps, spots and blotches ....

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This information is intended as reference and not as medical advice.
All treatment decisions should be made by medical professionals.


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