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teething babyIt can be viewed as milestone to make any parent proud, but the arrival of baby's first teeth can sometimes be a grueling, "drooling" period for many parents during baby's first year.

Other common symptoms of teething pain may include runny nose, low fever, general crankiness or crying, or biting or chewing on clothing and toys (or just about anything nearby, including their hands or fingers) by babies cutting their first teeth.

When babies begin teething

Babies may begin teething from four to seven months, with the two bottom teeth appearing first, followed by the two front upper teeth.

From there, surrounding teeth begin to emerge including the molars and eye teeth, until all baby teeth are present and accounted for by about age 3.

As with many other childhood developmental milestones, not all babies follow a set timetable. Some teeth may already be visible from birth, while some babies may take up to a year to begin teething.

Easing the pain of teething

Years ago, mothers simply made a cold rag available for their babies to chew on and so relieve common teething pain. Today, there are a variety of specially-made teething rings which can be cooled in the fridge. (Smart moms will have a few extra rings chilled and ready for whenever baby begins to fuss.)

Cold soft foods such as apple sauce, bananas or yogurt will also help sooth a teething baby during the day. Also ask your doctor about administering infant formula pain relievers, or pain-numbing gels applied to the gums to help baby sleep through the night.

Elsewhere on the Web, surf around for more helpful tips on herbal or homeopathic pain relievers, advice from medical professionals, as well as time-tested advice from parents on the front lines in the battle against teething pain ...

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