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women's health informationFor generations women's health care was not equal to men's, but this is changing in large part due to women learning more about their bodies, and expecting quality care and respect.

Today, women are becoming more attuned to information widely available to them on subjects such as the stages of pregnancy, menopause, as well as certain diseases and conditions such as breast cancer and endometrial cancer that are exclusively the concern of women worldwide.

Meanwhile, in the industrialized West, new threats to women's health - such as work or family stress and alcoholism in women - are increasingly on the rise to illustrate that perhaps men's and women's health issues are not that different after all.

Just up ahead, learn more at top sites offering a sharp focus on the unique concerns of women who want to maintain vibrant health throughout their lives...

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More about women's health issues around the Web:

Our Bodies Ourselves (OBOS)
- The Boston Women’s Health Book Collective has been active in fighting for better health care for women around the world since 1970. Good info on important health concerns.

Family & Pregnancy on Women Republic - Focusing on issues and health concerns familiar to all women raising a family - or who are planning one - with informative articles on pregnancy, infant care, breast-feeding, grappling with teens, family relationships and more.

MedLine Women's Health Resources - From pregnancy to arthritis to breast cancer, if it's a health topic that concerns women this site helps explain it.

International Women's Health Coalition - Working for gender equality and equal access to health care in emerging nations, this site provides fact sheets and other information on women's health issues from both a political and medical point of view.

This information is intended as reference and not as medical advice.
All treatment decisions should be made by medical professionals.

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