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Since the foreclosure crisis hit, apartment living has increased as never before.

As former home owners shy away from the housing market, more apartment buildings are being constructed to meet the high demand.

No matter where in the world you rent or buy, apartments entail knowing your rights as well as special challenges for managing apartment storage space, being aware of local pet laws in your city or state, sharing your apartment with roommates, and more.

Similar to the same concerns as home buyers, there are other considerations such as renter's insurance and condo or co-op insurance. If you run into financial trouble, you might also want to know local jurisdiction and laws governing apartment eviction.

Just up ahead, check out online solutions from the experts with tips and advice on everything from renting that "cozy" one-room studio to an outright purchase of the condo of your dreams.

More about apartment renting around the Web:

Renters' & Tenants' Rights - Legal Encyclopedia - Nolo
- FAQ's and advice on leases and rental agreements, housing discrimination, security deposits, liability and injury, roommates, evictions, landlord-tenant statutes.

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development - Rental Assistance - HUD's renter's kit covers virtually every technicality of apartment renting including fair housing rights, landlord and tenant law, and rights of displaced tenants.

Realty Times - Apartments - The articles on this site cover apartments from the tenants and landlords point of view with a wide range of topics.

Apartment Therapy - DIY - Check out these clever tips and ideas for apartment decorating, plus tool around the rest of the site for related advice on budget living, organizing a small space, and lots more.

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