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household hintsBabies are tender, beautiful and helpless.

While they depend on you for everything, making decisions about the right crib and nursery room setup, the proper car seat and diaper bag are only just the beginning.

Once you get them home there are other more practical concerns, like baby nap time, feeding and burping, diaper changing, (and what to do about diaper rash), laundering their clothes, cleaning baby bottles, bathing, nail clipping, and when the time comes how to soothe teething pain or find a remedy for colic.

No worries. There's always good advice to be had from mom, grandma, or friends and next door neighbors who have been through it all during baby's first year and all stages of child development.

Just up ahead, you can also get tips from other experts around the Web at top sites that are always ready with quick advice.

Forums and social networking sites also provide opportunities to ask a question when you need an answer - fast - that addresses tips, tricks and practical concerns about keeping baby comfortable, healthy and happy ....

More hints & tips about baby and infant care around the Web:

Baby Care 101: How to change a diaper

Caring for Baby: From Clueless to Credible in 365 Days or Less
- An extensive guide from Discovery Health offering practical tips on feeding and meal times, getting baby to sleep, bathing and nail clipping, including lots of related articles and resources.

Bottle feeding basics - Tips on cleaning nipples and bottles, temperature concerns, how often to feed, and advice on how to hold a bottle to avoid baby from taking in too much air.

Bathing Your Baby and 10 Tips for the Tub - Suggested soaps and baby shampoos, advice on proper preparation, safety and supervision, tips on where to bathe (bathtub or kitchen sink?) with more about hair washing and cradle cap care from

How to Wash Baby Clothes - Washing and Stain Removal - Check out tips on when to opt for scent-free detergents, advice on how to keep up with piles of baby laundry and related information on getting out stains, including suggestions on commercial products and home remedies.

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