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household hintsIf it's the smallest room in the house ...why does it take so long to clean? That's the question asked by millions of homeowners and apartment dwellers worldwide.

And the answer? Like kids, bathrooms may be tiny but they also can be, well, a logistics problem.

First there's the sink, bathtub, shower, and the toilet. Then there are the shower fixtures, floor tiles, wall tiles, (and the ticklish issue of keeping the tile caulking clean, the toilet from running, and the bathroom faucet from dripping.)

Of course, the medicine cabinet has to be filled, the mirror cleaned, the laundry basket emptied, and the towel racks or bathroom vanity maintained.

Did we also mention the toothbrush holder, the toilet paper dispenser, and the soap dish?

Of course, to keep it all clean and bright on a regular basis takes a constant effort:

Bathroom cleaning checklist


• Clean sinks, mirrors, faucets and counters

• Clean tub, shower and tiles 
• Clean and disinfect sink and toilet
• Wash toothbrush holders and soap dish
• Empty and clean wastebasket 
• Mop floor
• Replace and wash towels
• Dust windowsills, moldings and baseboards   

• Clean and disinfect wastebasket 
• Wipe down bathroom vanity & cabinets 
• Wash bathroom mats and rugs

3 to 6 MONTHS

• Wash shower curtains 
• Wash walls and ceiling 
• Clean out medicine cabinets 
• Clean out bathroom vanity 
• Wash window curtains 
• Clean ventilator fan or air vent
• Clean tile grout 
• Check for mildew


• Wash windows
• Replace old or worn mats and rugs 
• Replace old or worn shower curtains
• Recaulk tile

There's also the design dilemma of storage and working inside a small room. Add it all together, and the bathroom becomes the one small room in the house that presents big challenges.

But, fear not. The experts say the time homeowners take to keep their bathrooms ship-shape is time well spent -- since kitchen and bath remodeling are worth more when it comes to the resale value of any house.

Just up ahead, check out a treasure trove of household hints at the best bookmarkable resources online, offering 'been there done that' advice covering every trick in the book for keeping the bathroom clean and organized ...

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