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Flower & Vegetable Gardening

What could be better than backyard gardening? (Porches and windowsills will also suffice.) Gardening is great exercise, lifts the spirits, and gets fresh produce to your table more economically whether you live in the wilds of surburbia or the urban jungle.

Take a look at our collection of Web guides aimed at both experienced gardeners and newcomers to gardening. Check out advice on the most popular varieties of flowers and vegetables — including how to's on garden layouts & planning, tips on getting the bugs out, general care and feeding, plus other sure-fire garden wisdom for growing & harvesting your prize specimens ...

Flower Gardening | Roses


Forget-Me-Not Morning Glory Snapdragons
Four O'Clocks Nasturtiums
Impatiens Pansy Verbena
Marigolds Petunias Zinnia


Asters Carnations
Bellflowers Chrysanthemums Sweet Pea
Candytufts Geraniums Violets

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Vegetable Gardening

How to Grow Beans How to Grow Cucumbers How to Grow Radishes
How to Grow Beets How to Grow Lettuce How to Grow Spinach
How to Grow Carrots How to Grow Peas How to Grow Tomatoes
How to Grow Corn How to Grow Peppers How to Grow Zucchini
  How to Grow Pumpkins  


Home Recipes for Getting Rid of Weeds & Garden Pests

Lady bug - a natural garden pest repellent
Save money and help preserve natural resources by avoiding runoff of toxic chemicals into the air and groundwater. By getting back to basics for a healthier lawn and garden, you can keep family and pets safe from harmful chemicals found in many insecticides and home pest deterrents ....

How to Start a Career in Gardening & Landscaping

Gardening career tools
Dreaming of growing your gardening talent into a career? Your green thumb may get you growing right into a position as a landscaper, horticulturist, arborist, florst shop owner or garden center operator. More good news? The industry is projected to double size in the coming years......

Feng Shui & Your Outdoor Spaces

Feng shui gardening advice
For me, the ultimate Magic Garden would be planted using the Feng Shui bagua as a guideline for the boundaries of the plot, and incorporating flowers herbs and plants that correspond to each significant direction....

Blue Wildflowers for Your Garden

Blue Wildflower & Blue Flower VarietiesWild flowers are carefree, colorful, and tend to attract bees, butterflys and birds. So planting wild flowers not only gives you an easy maintenance flower garden... it also promises to be a constant source of interesting activity throughout the year....

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