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Generally considered second only to tomatoes in popularity among home gardeners, green beans are among some of the fastest growing plants in the home garden and only Ionly takes six weeks to grow from seed to final harvest..

"Snap" pole beans, or green string beans are easy to grow. As the name suggests, the pole bean variety can be grown using poles or stakes as support, or choose the bush type for lower growing plants and even less maintenance.

A warm weather crop, sow beans in spring after all danger of frost is past. Like most vegetables in the home garden, they require plenty of sun and proper amounts of moisture.

If growing pole beans, secure poles or stakes early in the growing cycle. (This way you won't be disturbing the delicate root system later on.). For an attractive garden centerpiece, use 4 slender poles to create a "tepee" on which vines can grow up and around.

Although generally vigorous, beans are susceptible to a variety of fungus and bacterial diseases. This is especially true in wet environments, so waterfully carefully and provide plenty of sunshine and well-drained soil to ensure a bumper crop.

Mexican bean beetle
Mexican bean beetle

At harvest time, eat them young and tender right off the vine, or steam and serve with butter sauce. For best flavor, harvest just before full maturity when beans are about 4-6 inches long. Green beans are a good source of fiber, carbohydrates. vitamin C and vitamin A.

The more you harvest beans the more will grow, so keep picking them to ensure that you will have a full bounty.


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