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candytuft flowerCandytufts are originally European natives that have become all-purpose perennials with an ability to adapt themselves to every region in the United States.

With their whiter-than-white blooms (which also come in pink or lilac) candytufts are among the best flowers for cutting & arranging.

Depending on the variety, versatile candytufts can be either planted in backyard flower beds, rock gardens and along edgings, or used in pots, containers, hanging baskets or window boxes.

Candytufts prefer full sun - although they will tolerate, but not bloom as well, in part shade.

The one thing candytufts will not tolerate is being waterlogged, and are known to quickly develop root rot if not grown in especially well-drained soil.


On the Web - How to plant & grow candytufts:

Iberis - Picture, audio pronunciation and candytuft characteristics including hardiness zones, uses in landscapes, propagation, common problems and a list of varieties and descriptions.

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Iberis sempervirens 'Alexander's White' - A guide to growing and caring for the evergreen candytuft including a picture, description of uses, characteristics, and common problems.

Iberis sempervirens - More on the evergreen candytuft with a instructions on basic care, propagation, common problems, and a gallery of hi-res photos.

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