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home grown carrotsKnown as a rich source of vitamin A, carrots have been cultivated since ancient times for their sweet flavor, bright color and nutritional benefits.

Today, carrots can be easily grown in the backyard garden and have become a favorite kids' gardening project whether at home or in school.

The secret to carrot perfection is soil preparation that allows for a soft "landing pad" for carrots to grow straight down. A light, sandy soil -- with careful removal of any rocks or pebbles that may hinder growth - ensures an ideal place for a successful carrot crop.

Although "baby" carrot varieties such Short n' Sweet and Little Finger need only 3-4 inches of prepared soil, larger varieties such as Nantes or Danvers require soil beds prepared at least 9-10 inches in depth.

Seeds are usually sown directly into the ground in early spring, then thinned out allowing 2-3 inches between each plant.

A little patience is required as young carrot seedlings establish themselves. During this period, lightly rake the surrounding soil to keep it aerated and weed free.

Harvest as soon as the tops are bright green and the root heads are at least 1/2 inch across.

If the soil is friable enough, a pull-and-twist motion is all this is necessary to extract them from the ground. If the soil has becomes compacted, a little help with a spade may be required.

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