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chrysanthemums flowersChrysanthemums are a popular favorite with home gardeners which provide "snowballs" of color in the traditional yellow they are named for - chrysanthemum or "golden flower."

With over 30 different species, "mums" also bloom in white or bright red. All of them prefer as much sun as possible, and soil should always be well-drained.

Plant mums in the early spring from pots found at local garden centers, or propagate mums from cuttings.

To grow from seed, start indoors over the winter. For bushier and more blooming plants, pinch back when plants are 6 inches tall, and again when about a foot tall.

Perhaps the most important key to success with growing chrysanthemums is generous watering, especially when they are in full bloom. However, don't get the leaves too wet or powdery mildew may sometimes become a problem with densely-packed chrysanthemums. Careful pruning of plants to provide proper ventilation around them will help keep them vibrantly growing and disease-free.

Chrysanthemum fun facts

chrysanthemum tea• Chrysanthemum tea is a popular drink in China for its beneficial effects as a fever reducer, antiviral and decongestant. (To make your own chrysanthemum tea, rinse petals in cold water. Add them to your favorite tea cup and add hot water. Let steep for approximately ten minutes.)

• Grown indoors, chrysanthemums can help remove toxins from the air.

• In Australia, the chrysanthemum is the traditional flower of Mother’s Day.

• In garden feng shui, chrysanthemums are associated with joy and happiness.


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