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home grown cornGot a big backyard?

If not, then experts suggest you bypass this space-hungry crop for sweet corn available at the local farmer's market.

Even with limited space, you may be tempted to discover for yourself that it's true what they say about corn on the cob cooked up only minutes after picking. Nothing else compares.

Whether boiled, grilled or steamed, fresh sweet corn is in addition a rich source of nutrients including vitamins A and C, magnesium and iron.

To begin planting, seeds need a soaking in water for at least 24 hours to get a running start on germination.

During their 12 week growing cycle, plants require full sun, a deep bed of rich well-drained soil, and copious amounts of water during peak summer months to fully mature. Again, garden area is an important factor since plants only produce one or two ears per stalk.

Generally two weeks from the time corn silk appears is when sweet corn is ripe and ready for picking. In the U.S., watch for common corn pests such as flea beetles when plants are young and tender, or corn earworms and corn rootworm beetles as the cobs begin to mature.

Especially in southern US states, also watch for Stewart's wilt where the bacterial disease is most prevalent.

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