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green thumbUsed to be that good old-fashioned gardening advice could be regularly heard over the backyard fence.

Neighbors with more experience with home gardening, or who could impart wise advice on troubleshooting problems, were often regarded as local sages and, of course, they still are...

However, today that kind of invaluable help has grown exponentially with the Web, where online communities abound with beginner tips on how to grow flowers, vegetables, and houseplants and, probably more importantly, how to overcome common problems.

Just up ahead, meet other gardeners who have dealt with seasonal planting, weeds, wilting leaves and invaders of all sizes. Helpful places to visit when you want to share a success story, get or give advice, or when you just can't get to the root of your gardening problem...

The GardenWeb Forums
- These active forums have special sections for types of plants, types of gardens and hundreds of other topics. If you have a gardening focus, you'll find others who share it.

UBC Botanical Garden Forums - The University of British Columbia Botanical Garden & Centre for Plant Research lets you share photos of your garden and discuss triumphs and frustrations with fellow gardeners.

Dave's Garden - Meet thousands of subscribers making for an active exchange of information. The topics are broad enough to guarantee that, if you are a gardener, you'll find something to talk about.

Lawnsite Forums - These forums are geared to professionals in the "Green Industry", but the lawn care issues are good for anyone who wants expert advice on keeping their grass green.

BBC Gardening Message Boards - Popular forums with plenty of information and wide range of gardening topics. Not all of the forums are open for posting 24/7 — check the hours before you try to post.

The Rosarian Forums - Join forums on rose care and feeding, with special topic discussions on miniature roses, organic rose gardening, antique roses, and more plus a photo gallery, and related forums for rose growers in Europe and Australia.

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