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Sweet potato grown in water
The traditional school
experiment of growing
sweet potatoes in a
water jar
is a simple
form of hydroponics.


It's the new wave in dirt-free gardening...

As the population grows and the available amount of earth shrinks, more plants are being raised hydroponically than ever before.

Hydroponics — the growing of plants in a mixture of water and nutrients — is an easy and more efficient way of keeping your plants healthy since nutrients are fed directly at the root base, without the need for large containers or big bags of gardening soil.

How to grow hydroponics plants

Remember your childhood class project growing avocado pits and sweet potato tubers in water jars? With just the right nutrients, any plant can be grown in much the same way.

The "flood-drain" system is probably the most popular method for growing hydroponic plants, involving a simple pump system that baths plant roots in water & nutrients, then drains during the day to expose roots to much-needed oxygen.

Some do-it-yourself gardeners have devised cheap ways to create homemade hydroponics systems indoors or out, although ready-made hydroponics kits are becoming ever more affordable in home garden centers as their popularity grows.

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Around the Web, find out more about hydroponics including resources, professional tips & how-to advice for beginners, plus a bit of history behind the art & science of hydroponics gardening...


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