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Houseplant pictures

Around the Web, check out extensive guides to flower and plant images and stunning picture galleries.

Plant and flower photos are the Internet's eye candy, but are most useful as educational tools in the classroom or simply to help identify (and care for) that mystery gift plant from Aunt Martha.


Garden plant images around the Web:

Tropicopia - House plants picture and photo gallery - One-stop browsing for hundreds of common houseplant pictures including cactus, ferns, palms, orchids, African violets & other flowering plants, with related information on their care.

Flower Image Library - Galleries of photos to learn from, in an A-Z guide both by botanical and common name with thumbnails leading to the full-sized images, from the Floral Network.

International Bulb Society - Gallery of the World's Bulbs - Pick your flower from the drop down array and get whisked off to pictures of hundreds of flowering bulbs taken by contributors worldwide, with information how you can participate.

Hydroponics Online! Picture Index - Thousands of photos, contributed by members, in clickable thumbnails leading to larger images of water garden plants and projects.

Flower Pictures - Dozens of images downloadable as desktop backgrounds.

Medicinal Herb Plant Pictures and Descriptions List - Boasting more than 500 pictures of herbs & wildflowers used in herbology with details on their cultivation, habitat, medicinal properties and related recipes.

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