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young girl in the gardenStart 'em young and you'll have them busy around the garden for years to come.

Did we mention it's also a great learning experience?

Children love to garden, and it doesn't take much to spark their interest in a gardening project that's fun and educational - and nutritious. In fact, start kids learning how to grow a vegetable garden and you may even find them finishing their spinach one day ....

How to help kids plant a garden, with tips on making it easy and fun:

• In the garden, most kids like to see results and fast. Help them choose plants known for their rapid growth like beans, radishes or lettuce. If flowers are their thing, opt for snapdragons, verbena, marigolds, impatiens, or other fast-growing plants that will result in a quick and colorful reward.

• Think BIG. Possessed of a bit more patience, older kids like nothing more than to grow plants that are impressively gianormous. Obvious choices here are watermelons. pumpkins, and huge beefsteak tomatoes along with the ever-popular sunflower that can quickly grow over 6 feet tall!

decorated flower pot
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Kids container
garden projects

• Keep it interesting. Get creative by experimenting with different container garden projects that the kids will love, like hand painting a terra-cotta pot. Also look around the house for more items you can recycle -- such as a sand beach bucket, a watering can, a metal wagon, or even an old construction boot.


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